Jul 13, 2006

Okay, I’ll say it: I actually own just about the entire GETB series—I’m a sucker for cheapo label samplers, especially when you run across em used for a buck. And while it’s decidedly uncool to say so, there’s usually about a handful of pretty great songs on them. Granted, there’s always a decent amount of tripe as well, but it’s always nice to hear stuff from the Slackers, Leftover Crack, etc.—I have yet to buy any of their records, but I always enjoy hearing them on comps. That said, I think Hellcat may have finally shot its wad with this series. Shit’s pretty played out at this point; V has the fewest songs of any of them, and so much of it is rehashed, second- and third-rate streetpunk or ska/reggae stuff that just has no staying power. There’s only a few standouts this time—Left Alone, Time Again, and the Heart Attacks. And anyone’ll tell you, three good songs out of eighteen is pretty much blowing it. Plus it’s offset by absolutely inane, dipshit songs by Roger Miret And The Disasters and Orange, and a host of other bands that just zip right by without making any impact at all.

 –keith (Hellcat)