VARIOUS ARTISTS: Give ‘em the Boot III: CD

Feb 05, 2009

If any of these bands are one your favorites or you have the slightest interest of hearing what they sound like, you should not hesitate on picking this up. Being the third of the series of cheap samplers, this is a great value for a CD that I think costs like four or five dollars. I’m going to list every band here so you can make the choice. One song each from The Distillers (their best song yet!), Dropkick Murphys, US Bombs, Rancid, Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards, F-Minus (!), Agnostic Front, Nerve Agents, Duane Peters & the Hunns, Roger Miret & the Disasters, Leftover Crack, Nekromantix, Tiger Army (!), Devil’s Brigade, The Slackers, Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, King Django, The Pietasters, Mouthwash (best fucking new ska song that I have heard in a while), The Gadjits and Hepcat. Included for you computer geeks are two videos by Tiger Army and the Dropkick Murphys. What a bargain!

 –don (Hellcat)