VARIOUS ARTISTS: Give and Take 2012: CD

Jan 13, 2016

Back in the day I used to love obscure cassette compilations from places like Yugoslavia or South America, as the sounds were so different and showed how music from different countries was unique. With the internet, a band from Russia can sound like a band from Seattle. The world is homogenizing and we are starting to lose any individuality. Case in point this disc from 2012 (did it take three years to get here?), which could be from anywhere. The only thing that unites these bands is location, so we go from dreadful NOFX bro punk to grind to anarcho stuff. The majority of bands sing in English and sound like they could be from down the street. There are some notable exceptions like Brayok and Perek Kasi Gerek—who while didn’t wow me musically, but at least they sing in their own language. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy that unexpected countries get some coverage but I struggled to get through the whole thing.

 –Tim Brooks (Tenzenmen,

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