VARIOUS ARTISTS: Funhouse Comp Thing II: 2X CD

Aug 21, 2008

Let me put this as plainly as possible: this collection, and its predecessor, gives me hope for the world. It’s no secret that the compilation disc, once an essential piece of the punk rock arsenal that provided a snapshot of the efforts of entire punk communities the world over, has been systematically co-opted and rendered wretched by labels who found it was a nice ’n’ cost-effective way to peddle their wares by featuring crap songs by crap bands. These days, the lion’s share of compilations is a chore, at best, to slog through. These Funhouse comps are different. Put together by someone who either remembers or rediscovered the compilation’s original intent, they feature bands that have played a little club across from Seattle’s Space Needle called, interestingly enough, The Funhouse. Due to its location in the Pacific Northwest, the bulk of bands representing are from that area (with a few nods to California, Canada, and other continents) and this time ’round you get two discs with fifty bands serving up Hurricane omelet-sized helpings of grade-A punk rock in myriad form, courtesy of the Spits, Bill Collectors, A-Frames, Cute Lepers, The Heels, TacocaT, Paper Dolls, Teenage Harlets, Reptilian Civilian, and oodles of others. One is hard-pressed to find a lousy track in here anywhere, and if punk rock ain’t a staple of your local radio station, this serves as a faboo alternate means of punishing your speakers. A hoot, this is, through and through.

 –jimmy (