VARIOUS ARTISTS: Funhouse Comp Thing: CD

Sep 27, 2006

Thirty-two friggin’ bands! Almost all of which have played the Funhouse. If you are unfamiliar with the Pacific NW, The Funhouse is in Seattle. It’s this punk club with a really stupid looking clown hanging above the door (I’m not sure what’s up with Seattle and stupid looking clowns, but this is only one of three clubs I can think of whom display clowns above their establishments). I wouldn’t hold it against them, though. They consistently have really great shows going on there. I’ve only been there once, but it was a good time. Much like this comp, actually. Some of the tracks worth mentioning are from bands such as The Trashies, Old Haunts, Blank Its, Steaming Wolf Penis, Armitage Shanks, The Cripples, Girl Trouble, and The Gropers. I could easily name off a majority of the bands on here (mostly all lo-fi garage punk) whom I enjoyed, but I am not going to. That would take away the surprise when you see this monster of a comp. It’s also a good taste of music coming from the NW right now. Like a little round plastic time capsule that you can hear over and over again.

 –guest (MyFatAss)