VARIOUS ARTISTS: FSDC Volume 2: Cassette

Jul 29, 2013

See, my tape deck is broken. It only works half the time and it’s not a part of my stereo in my new place, so listening to tapes is preceded by a fifteen minute ordeal of switching cables around and plugging in speakers on wires that are falling apart. Then it only works half the time and the volume knob does pretty much whatever it wants. So after spending all this time just get any sort of sound out of this tape, I sat back for a minute and thought, “That can’t be right.” I switched some things around and the tape played on. Hmm. “I guess it’s supposed to sound like that.” That phrase kept popping into my head over the duration of the tape, over drum machines, over synth pads clashing with atonal saxophone lines, over fuzzed-out takes on Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet. Apparently, all these bands are from the same neighborhood in Indianapolis and I think most of us need to move there before it turns into the next Portland. The bands on this tape don’t really have a whole lot in common stylistically, but they all have this intense insouciance that is so apparent that you can almost hear them laughing at you from the mixing board. I absolute love this because I haven’t heard a compilation in such a long time that actually felt new and fresh like I was hearing a new scene in its infancy.

 –Ian Wise (Glory Hole,