VARIOUS ARTISTS: Fruit Cocktail vs. Hellcat: CD

Jun 23, 2009

This is something different. Apparently, a British band called Fruit Cocktail recorded some songs, then conned some Hellcat artists into singing those songs when those bands toured England. There are nine songs. All of the music is by Fruit Cocktail, but the vocals are by Al Barr (Dropkick Murphys), Duane Peters (US Bombs), Greg Lee (Hepcat), Dave Hillyard (Slackers, Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7), Tim Armstrong (Rancid), and so on. The songs are pretty slow, and it really forces the singers to show their true vocal abilities. Some singers fair better than others. The high point, for me, is the song with Brad and Jen from F-Minus. Overall, it’s not a bad CD.

 –sean (No Front Teeth)