VARIOUS ARTISTS: Four-Way Split: 7” EP

Oct 28, 2015

As the title suggests, four bands share a slab of wax. Cat Party: helluva starting salvo here, with a killer post-punk track that recalls old L.A. greats BPeople. After this one, any other good tracks here are gravy. Terminal A: A bit of a grittier take on the darker post-punk edge of things. Rock solid. Shadowhouse: These cats do away with any pretense and go straight for the goth jugular, with heavily processed guitars and a dance-friendly beat. Etilo Mañtalini: Synth, acoustic guitar and a drum machine; slow and gloomy, yet oddly engaging pop sensibility at its core. All told, helluva split here. Thumbs way up. 

 –jimmy (Resurrection,

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