VARIOUS ARTISTS: Four Old Toxic Shock 7” EPs ’83-’84: CD

Jul 28, 2009

The title says it all: four old seven-inch EPs from the Toxic Shock Records vaults, all remastered and digitized nice and purty for the new millennium. Included here are the Noise from Nowhere comp (featuring Kent State, Moslem Birth, Human Therapy and Manson Youth), the first EP from Peace Corpse (formerly Moslem Birth), Red Tide’s Kelp and Salal EP and Massacre Guys’ first EP (featuring a future member of Descendents/All). Most of the tracks stand up pretty well to the passage of time and are a fun, if not always crucial, reminder of some of the stuff that was going on in the scene at that time that didn’t involve the Circle Jerks and Black Flag. One very minor gripe: Considering the fact the Dr. Strange released Manson Youth’s posthumous seven-inch EP, it’s strange that they didn’t go through the trouble to change the incorrect title of the band’s contribution to Noise from Nowhere, here still incorrectly titled “Penis Brain” but actually a sort-of medley of three shorter songs.

 –jimmy (Dr. Strange)

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