Craig from Schizophrenic has been working like a mad man on a mission to get these BCT tracks that were originally only available on tape out on CD. If you don’t know BCT (Borderless Countries Tapes), they were heavily responsible in introducing international hardcore to the states from 1982 to 1986 one tape at a time. I’ve seen the tape deck. BCT is up and running again if you want the original tapes by contacting Chris / BCT @ [email protected] I know Sound Idea Distribution out of Florida also carries the tape. It’s great that this is out again. Another thing I haven’t listened to in a couple of decades. This is the first comp tape of the twenty-seven tape series. American bands like the Clitboys, Future Ruins, Violation, Vatican Commandos (Moby’s punk band!), Skoundrelz (I think Dogtown legend, Tony Alva, played in this band at one point or another), Mr. Epp, Poison Center, Eat the Rich, Cultural Breakthrough and The Accused (Seattle legends). Some studio and some live recordings that still stand the test of time. This takes me back to high school. Ten bands, fifty songs. That’s a lot to soak in, but well worth the purchase.

 –don ($10ppd to Schizophrenic)