VARIOUS ARTISTS: Fettkakao Sampler: CD

There is a lot of weird, random stuff on these twelve songs. I was familiar with Mile Me Deaf, but all the other bands on this Austrian label sampler were new to me. With names like Crazy Bitch In A Cave, I was intrigued. Beach Girls And The Monster, Bad Weed, and Dot Dash are the acts that are most easily placed into the punk camp. Beach Girls And The Monster are a surf punk group, Bad Weed sounds like they’re heavily influenced by Ramones and the Clash, and Dot Dash are simple, lo-fi garage punk. There is also a lot of keyboard/electronic-influenced material on the sampler (Les Trucs, Brooke’s Bedroom, Armin Lorenz, and Crazy Bitch In A Cave). The other acts fall everywhere in between. I’m not insanely excited about any of this, but none of it is really bad, and the diversity of the label is impressive. If any of this sounds up your alley, I’d recommend checking it out. 

 –kurt (Fettkakao,