VARIOUS ARTISTS: Fat Music Volume IV - Live Fat, Die Young: CD

Nov 24, 2009

I will steal this format from the infamous Jimmy Alvarado to give credit where credit is due. This is the first Fat comp that I can think of that finally has unreleased tracks: Zero Down: Pennywise meets Strung Out, my wife loves the track. No Use for A Name: Soft Pop. Anti Flag: The chorus didn’t add up for me with the rest of the lyrics at first but my peanut-sized brain finally comprehended. Great song that I hum the chorus for hours on end after listening. Good Riddance: Nothing has come close to the sheer fury of the "Operation Phoenix" album but this is still a good track. Fabulous Disaster: Still haven’t gotten the CD to see what the songs are titled. Did see them locally and they absolutely ripped. Many missed out due to an early time slot. Another great song. Sick of It All: Powerful and brilliant. Mad Caddies: Didn’t do anything for me. Consumed: Consistently a winner. Strung Out: Zero Down was much better. Bracket: I passed. Frezal Rhomb: Passed again. NOFX: Like the guy and the label but not the band. Rise Against: Just as powerful as the SOIA track and many points for singing straight through 98 of the song. I couldn’t breath listening to it. Lagwagon: Once again I passed. Wizo: Their songs that are sung in German seem to be the best and this confirms my beliefs. Propagandhi: I like some of their stuff but this track did nothing for me. Tilt: They are a grow on me type of band but I always like it at the end. The same with this track. Snuff: What can I say, other than they are musical geniuses. Me First & the Gimme Gimmes: A ‘60s theme this time around and a chuckle from the tummy is always guaranteed. Swingin Utters: This is how Social Distortion should sound now.

 –don (Fat)