VARIOUS ARTISTS: Fat Music Vol. 8 Going Nowhere Fat: CD

Oct 28, 2015

Twenty-five songs from Fat Wreck artists that really run the gamut if you listen in one sitting. From Banner Pilot’s full-tilt rocker to Lagwagon’s tech metal offering, this will perk up your ears when each new song revs up. A handful of songs are unreleased, but most may be familiar to hardcore label followers. Night Birds and CJ Ramone will get some repeat plays from me but with others the skip button will be in full force. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention label head Fat Mike’s contribution to this compilation. The demo NOFX presents of “SF Clits” has a ragged charm. Luckily, the punk musical portion of this release is the last song. Quick fade-out. 

 –koepenick (Fat Wreck,

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