VARIOUS ARTISTS: Fastmusic Punk 2001: CD

Feb 05, 2009

I’m utterly knee-deep impressed with this cacophonously pleasurable bundle of pure and poppy punkrock panache! It’s one of those giddy, feel-good comps that causes me to jubilantly leap around the room like a wide-eyed five-year-old kid surrounded by a colorful abundant array of sparkle-spangled packages on Christmas morning. My ears are frenetically twitching up a storm, and my heart is wildly palpitating like there ain’t no tomorrow due to the euphoric upbeat auditory hyperactivity on this here CD. It enchants, intoxicates, and entrances the senses somethin’ silly! Consisting of a mostly clean-cut pop-punk line-up (includin’, but not limited to: Slab, Down By Law, Gamits, Travoltas, Luckie Strike, The Fairlanes, The Fonzarellies, Welton, and numerous others), the wrath-like addition of the Circle Jerks (with a rousing demo version of “Teenage Electric”) is a bit off-kilter, but certainly more than welcome. Hell yeh! Anyway, as I now sign-off with a resounding well-suited belch, I vigorously recommend this melodiously pristine release to you all. –Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Fastmusic)