VARIOUS ARTISTS: Everybody Loves Antiseen: 2 x CD

Feb 15, 2007

Tribute records are always hit or miss. If you like or love the band to whom the tribute is issued, such a record can either be confirmation of the band’s greatness and rock on its own, or it can come off as a complete dud because it simply isn’t that band. So, I will not offer judgment in that regard. If you’re into Antiseen, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this—fifty-seven recordings of their most brutal offerings, and of course there is quite a variety in the way that the tunes are presented. (That’s one of the best things about tribute records—those few tracks that are recorded in a completely different fashion than the original.) And now that I’ve heard this, I’m singing a new tune when it comes to Antiseen; this reviewer is really starting to like the Boys from Brutalsville (I can’t stop singing “Justifiable Homicide” at work when dealing with shitty customers). But, returning to my opening thoughts, I think that this one really hits.

 –Eric Carlson (TKO)