Sep 25, 2007

By my reckoning, dub, like reggae, is a little bit harder to pull off than it seems. On the surface, it’s easy to come to the decision that all one needs to make a dub record is a tune and a mixing board, but really good dub has this rare ability to grab you by the ears and drag you through some interesting places. It’s a kind of music where you can put it on in almost any situation and it just fits, be it washing the car to livening up a party to just sitting back with headphones on and eyes closed and just listening. Collected here are tracks from other assorted ROIR releases, featuring tracks by Bad Brains, Niney the Observer, Ras Michael, 10 ft. Ganja Plant, Dub Trio, and others, all of which are in fine form and deliver some great tunes.

 –jimmy (ROIR)