VARIOUS ARTISTS: Emotional Response Box of Tricks: 5 x 7”EP

What can I say about this truly rad indie box set of five colored vinyl EPs, full of stickers, badges, and pins from Emotional Response? It’s like Christmas. But through the eyes of a bushytailed-big-eyed youngster, and not the cynical thirty-something asshole-humbug I’ve become. Records can have that effect on me. Box stars Kickback$, The Safe Distance, Hulaboy, Cheap Red, Thee Headless Kings, and Shindaggers. Indie darlings Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell from Boyracer make their appearance on almost all five EPs. What’s more prolific than an English man in the desert? Nothing. Only one hundred available; possibly sold out by the time you get wind of this. If not, get it

 –Camylle Reynolds (Emotional Response)