May 26, 2008

As of late, there have been a very small percentage of compilations released that I actually like. This comp falls into that small percentage. A benefit CD for El Libertario, an anarchist collective and newspaper based out of Caracas, Venezuela. A whole slew of bands from around the world fill this disc. Thirty-one bands play thirty-two tracks of punk, crust, and even hip hop. Bands like Misery, Apatia No, Nuclear Death Terror, Bait, Remains Of The Day, Auktion, Iskra, Disrespect, Visions Of War, and Dios Hastio are some of the bands on this comp. Calavera from France was my shocker of a discovery. They (or he, I’m not sure) reminded me of a French Dr. Dre. The hip hop tracks mixed in well to keep things interesting. All the bands on this release seem to have contributed a top quality song as opposed to so many bad comps out there with leftover tracks or filler. Quality didn’t stop at just the music. A well put together digipack package is also a feature. The cover inside and out has fantastic artwork by multiple artists and includes a huge booklet that is too big to be an insert. Don’t know how available this release will be, but if you run across it, definitely snatch it up if any of the bands mentioned are in your league. 

 –don (Fight For Your Mind)

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