VARIOUS ARTISTS: Eighteen California Bands You Won’t See on the Warped Tour: Golden Grouper, Vol.: CD

Jul 09, 2007

Essentially, GSL’s answer to those horrid Punk Rock Jukebox and said Warped Tour comps that seem to, ahem, represent the underground music scene these days. This comp from Los Angeles’ Gold Standard Laboratories (who brought you such fine acts as Arab on Radar, the Convocation of..., the Faint, Melt Banana, and Vaz) highlights the burgeoning California scene where punk rock is filtered through a noise rock-meets-acid rock double-chambered bong. Highlights include the keyboard-driven skronk und twang of New Collapse, the cosmic boogie rawk for drug-addled minds of Wires on Fire, the bass heavy P.I.L.-like post punk of Swann Danger and the Germs-meets-Alice Donut on an AmRep booze cruise (to Catalina!) of 400 Blows. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the eighteen bands you won’t see on the Warped Tour. Do people still go see bands on the Warped Tour? If so, I guess we’ll have to suffer through the Battle of the Bands That Want To Be on the Warped Tour reality show real soon. God damn it, when will it end? I want my punk rock back and I want it now!

 –greg (GSL)