Oct 16, 2009

Thirty-five tunes from an equal number of bands, many of which I’m fairly certain hail from Southern California. You’ll find here tracks from YAPO, Dead Lazlo’s Place, Entropy, Naked Aggression, The Vermin, Death Mickies, Last Rights, Homesick Abortions, Outtastep, Oppressed Logic, California Redemption and many others. On the whole this reminds me of ‘90s compilations like Nothing to Believe In and Backyard Shenanigans, the latter of which also has track by a number of the bands here, the recurring genre is thrashy hardcore, but the songs are catchy enough and there’s enough diversity in delivery while adhering to the genre’s rigid constraints that the bands manage to refrain from sounding all the same, for the most part.

 –jimmy (