VARIOUS ARTISTS: East Infection: 7"

Jul 29, 2011

Mess Folk: I mistakenly put this record on at 45 rpm and thought this was some seriously deranged fast and noisy rock with a screechy female lead singer. Cool! About thirty seconds in I realized my error, started the record over, and realized this some seriously deranged slow and noisy rock with a male lead singer. Still cool! I don’t even know how to place this: like if The Cramps scrapped their rockabilly influences in favor of Scratch Acid? Meat Curtains: More deranged rock and roll. The guitar player is playing the same repetitive four-chord riff over and over again while the drummer beats the shit out of his drums and the lead singer screams incoherently over it all. Awesome! Strawman: Straight forward rock and roll. Not all that bad, but not particularly memorable. The Shats: Garage rock that could have easily been written by someone from Denton, TX (aka Mind Spiders, Bad Sports, etc). Pretty damn good! Oh, I just realized both bands on the A side are from Nova Scotia and both bands on the B side are from New Brunswick. Nova Scotia by a mile! Three cheers for the underdogs!

 –Chris Mason (Foul & Fair)