VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dude Sounds Vol. 2: CD-R

A compilation of tunes handpicked by the Dudes at Dudes Magazine—the likes of Something Fierce, Bad Sports, Dude Jams, Too Many Daves, In Defence, The Steve Adamyk Band, Ninja Gun, Leatherface, and the Copyrights amongst twenty-five others. There’s nothing on here that hasn’t already been released or isn’t available anywhere else. Though I’m sure that some of the lesser known bands (The Bugs, French Fry Guys, The Slow Death) on here will enjoy the exposure. This is a CD-R after all, the most disposable of all formats, and I suppose its purpose is to serve mainly as a mix-tape or soundtrack to a night of reckless drinking soon to be followed by a blacked-out memory, an empty wallet, and the realization that you slept in your shoes. Good times?

 –Juan Espinosa (Self-released, no contact information)