VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dubois / Miijas / Rye: Cassette

Dubois: Sort-of melodic punk in the vein of Jawbreaker and other early- to mid-’90s fare, but with some twangy bits that make things more interesting than much of that ilk. As far as recent stuff, they kinda remind me of Highway Cross or a stripped-down version of Off With Their Heads, but I will stand by neither of those comparisons since both include a wide margin of error. Miijas: The first song sounds a lot like the weirdly enthralling Polish punk/new wave band that the Rhythm Chicken recorded for our chaotic, thunderingly drunken trip to Kansas City ten years ago. For all I know it might be the same band, but these tunes are sung in English, not Polish. The second song seems right out of the Agent Orange playbook. The third song kind of blends the previous two. Rye: Sounds like what I imagine Mazzy Star would sound like sans that wonderfully hypnotic organ and smoky female vocals.

 –Eric Carlson (No address listed)