VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dropping Food on Their Heads Is Not Enough: CD

May 27, 2009

One of the founders/owners of Geykido Comet, Heela Naqshband, was born in Afghanistan, but luckily, she and her parents left the country shortly after the Soviet invasion in 1979. Now that the US has invaded Afghanistan, Heela is trying to do something for her homeland. She and the rest of the Geykido Comet crew have released this album and are donating fifty percent of the proceeds (the money they make before recouping their expenses) to RAWA, an association of Afghan women, for Afghan women. This fact alone makes this album worth the eight bucks it costs. On top of the good cause, though, is some great music. There are songs from some big-name bands like Youth Brigade, Anti-Flag, and Bouncing Souls; songs from lesser known but still great bands like The Thumbs, Randy, Fleshies, and The Voids; and even a couple of pleasant surprises, like the songs by Co-Ed and Jack Killed Jill. A lot of the songs on this album have been previously released, but that didn’t bother me. The comp is over an hour long, and listening to it is like listening to your favorite independent radio show. There are some tracks included that I ordinarily wouldn’t be too crazy about – a hip hop song, a ska song, and a Chumbawumba song – but they actually work in the context of the album. Highly recommended.

 –sean (Geykido Comet)