VARIOUS ARTISTS: Drink Fight Fuck Vol. 3: CD

Jul 02, 2009

Like Epitaph has done with pop punk, the Zodiac seems intent on trying to corner a corner of the punk playing field. An abundance (well, thirty-two tracks anyway) of sleazy rock and psychobilly stuff can be found here, courtesy of a number of “name” and lesser known bands, including the Hip Priests, the Loaded Nuns, Flat Tires, the Bible Beaters, Blag Dahlia (who turns in a quasi-hillbilly ditty endearingly entitled “Bitch I Love You”), Eddie Spaghetti, Candy Snatchers, GG Elvis, Antiseen, and tons more. Can’t say I was down with everything here, but it is surprisingly consistent and some of it is flat-out good, which is pretty much all one can ask for, I guess.

 –jimmy (Zodiac Killer)