VARIOUS ARTISTS: Drink Fight Fuck Vol. 2: CD

Aug 21, 2008

When you pick up a compilation with a cover featuring a zombified GG Allin getting fondled by a couple drunk and tattooed punk chicks on it, you know what to expect. You know that you’re going to hear a bunch of scumpunk bands doing sloppy tunes about pooping on faces, sticking dicks into mud puddles and that sort of thing. However, when you put this disc in, your expectations will not be met. It’s filled with straight-forward punk’n’roll. You will be baffled by its uniform excellence. You will be amazed by the general lack of throwaway tunes that tend to plague compilations (There is one glaring exception—“Emo Fag” by DMF—which is made all the uglier by the fact that it follows “Watch Your Back” by the Sonic Negroes, which could be the best on the disc). You may want to play it again.

 –mp (Zodiac Killer)