VARIOUS ARTISTS: Do You Hear We?: By All Means: LP

Nov 30, 2010

Eight bands contributing two songs each of straight up Chattanooga punk rock. You get the more widely known outfits such as Future Virgins, ADD/C, and Hidden Spots as well as some lesser known gems like What If…, True Stereo, and more. There aren’t many cities that could pull this off this well, or many labels who it makes as much sense for as Do You Hear We? While outside of the city’s limits, Chattanooga might have a sort a cult following, it’s a pretty rabid cult, and if you like your punk with a little grime around the ears, Chattanooga has the sound. Incestuous? Definitely. Myopic? At times, but who am I to judge. Pure DIY punk rock? Without a doubt.

 –Daryl Gussin (Do You Hear We?)