VARIOUS ARTISTS: Discharge Tributo: CD

Sep 11, 2012

Usually, tribute compilations aren’t my thing. Yet, for some reason, I seem to really enjoy Discharge tributes. I still have, and listen to, the “Discharged” comp from Allied Records from about twenty years ago. And this, the latest in Discharge trib comps, is pretty damn good and has been in constant rotation in my fallout shelter for a good couple months. All the bands on here are from Brazil and are definitely inspired by the reason for this compilation. Some stay true to the song, and others put their own stamp on it, such as Apokalyptic Raids doing slowed down version of “Decontrol.” Disarm seem to channel early Black Flag and mix it in their D-beat on “Religion Instigates.” Nuclear Frost put a bit of a minimalist spin on “The End” while retaining the abrasive edge and churning bass. Corja slow it down with some near rock‘n’roll and jazz vibe in their punk on “Anger Burning.” Then you have bands like Karnekrua (I need to hear more from these guys!), Armagedom, Social Chaos, Açao Direta who hand in some raging versions that are worth the price of admission alone. Seriously, when the bands are raging, this stuff is f’n great. Not only do you get some awesome bands on here, this comes packaged with a lyrics sheet that folds out to a Discharge poster on the other side.

 –M.Avrg (Terrotten, [email protected])