VARIOUS ARTISTS: Diggy Diggy Dead!: 2 x CD

Aug 15, 2006

There’s some good stuff here by some relatively known names—a couple of live Dicks tracks, and some tunes by the Dead Bros., The Deadites, Derita Sisters, Reverend Beat-Man, and the Vectors to name a few—and there’s a lot of ground covered over the course of two discs—from Austin punk to Japanese ‘60s slop to Polish hardcore—but the dearth of band information is more than a little exasperating. I mean, are the Dicks tracks of recent vintage? Is Dennis Most’s cover of “Psychotic Reaction” a new recording? Who are all these Texas bands on here and are they even together anymore? Call me anal retentive, but I like to know a little about what I’m listening to.

 –jimmy (