VARIOUS ARTISTS: Destroy Poserton: LP

I was looking through some of my back issues of Ugly Things earlier this week, and one issue had an article by Johan Kugelburg about early punk parody albums, and towards the end of his introduction he opined that maybe the genre of punk is itself turning into a parody at this point in time. Here’s a compilation that really helps back up that opinion. From the cheesy cover art of a giant skinhead and two giant fashion plate punks laying waste to a cityscape, add the goony title and you know you’re in for some punk rock Civil War re-enactment aimed at the lowest common denominator. Turning the cover over, you’re greeted with the names of the bands, and see a couple clichéd rip off logos for The Extorted, who wholesale rip off the Exploited logo, and Disposable, who rip off—take a wild guess. Yep, they, just like a billion bands before them, use the Discharge logo to sell themselves to the unquestioning masses with low standards. Practically ever genre is touched on this compilation. The only things missing are the Ramones knock off bands and the beard core bro bands. A few “we are da’ punx” songs from the likes of Kontra:Diction, Kids Of Alright, some run-of-the-mill oi from Proper Lads, Cheap, one throwaway song from Endzone, the previously mentioned Disposable, who sound like Disclose, who themselves were simulacra—copy of a copy of copy—further deteriorates from the original. I will give credit to Disposable for being true to their name, though. From this review you might gather I’m some bitter asshole who just, “Doesn’t get it, maannnn…” But here’s what’s up. I believe punk is great, and can forever be great. I can still remember clearly when it was great, and something I forever wanted to be a part of. But bands and “punks” who are just taking on the look (which has been completely co-opted and absorbed into the mainstream—so maybe it’s time for something new instead of another stupid mohawk haircut and a studded leather jacket with painted on logos of bands that were long gone a decade or more before the wearer was even born—like what Kanye wears), and playing music that sticks tight to the formula, adding nothing new, and taking no risks is a waste of fucking time and an insult to anyone who even takes the time to listen to this kind of music and take on the ethics of punk (remember those things?). There really is no need for the compilation to exist. 

 –M.Avrg (Total Fucker, Smash Art,