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A comp that hits a soft spot in me because it is a tribute to Imants Krumins, who lost his fight with cancer at a young age of fifty-nine last year. He had history in the Toronto scene. He was probably the only person remaining and still active from the infancy of punk to his last breath. Legend had it that he had one of the largest personal collections of punk records in the world. I witnessed firsthand his buying habits. He bought with a feverish pace. He is a man who I met in the late ‘80s on a couple of trips to California to go record hunting. I also hung out with him on a couple of trips when I visited Toronto. The last trip back in 2006. He was a wonderful host and took really good care of me during my trip. It felt like we never had a gap in our meetings. So, this comp is fitting tribute since it features current bands from his hometown of Hamilton. A good variety is provided here. Punk rock, street punk, pop punk, indie, and more is the mixed bag provided. My favorites from that scene, Haymaker, provide an original and a Suicidal Tendencies cover that make it all worthwhile for me. There is a good variety here that any good comp should provide.

 –don (Schizophrenic)