VARIOUS ARTISTS: Den Magiska Cirkeln Presenterar Stolt en Vinylsingel Fem Band Fjorton Minuter: 7”EP

Mar 31, 2009

A compilation of contemporary Swedish hardcore. I think the title means: The Magic Circle Presents Something in Vinyl Single from Bands Fijordcore Minute and I couldn’t agree more. The comp instantly reminded me of regional comps that were coming out in the U.S. in the early ‘80s, especially in the Midwest, (like the Master Tape comps.) where not only does there seem to be fifty songs on a single 7” (there are really twelve), there’s more than one would expect in variation (although to have a tuned hardcore ear wouldn’t hurt to realize this fact), and that, on the first several listens, all you can do is hope to hold on to the speeding bullet and enjoy the whizzing-by scenery and then, later, try to match up Svartenbrandt, Bad Amputation, Instäng, Förmögennet, and Thurneman with their tracks on the vinyl. Well realized, executed in a way that I’ll definitely keep an ear out for all of the bands, and a handy snapshot of a part of the world I’ll probably never get to visit. I feel lucky that I got to sample “typical Swedish music” (said in travel brochure voice) in the comfort of my bedroom thousands of miles away from the nearest glacier.

 –todd (DMC,