VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dekalb, Brawl City: CD

In an era when “compilation” is synonymous with “here’s assorted dreck from my label’s shitpile of crap releases,” it’s always faboo when something comes along that recalls the medium’s glory days. Seventeen bands, presumably from the titular city, grace this bad boy, dishing up assorted hues of punk, hardcore, and points between, the results varying from downright catchy to blissfully grating. As with other similar releases, my only gripe here is the lack of band info provided (though an insert with web address for each band is included, I’m a right lazy bastard and want it all handed to me on a silver platter, goddammit), but I reckon one can overlook such slights in this case, considering all this glorious racket-mongering is available for the princely sum of “$3 or else,” or so says the back of the release. All smartassery aside, this is one solid bit of work here.

 –jimmy (Don’t Panic)