VARIOUS ARTISTS: Death by Salt II: 2 x CD

Apr 09, 2007

Volume two of this ambitious scene-comp series with about the same uneven quality of music, and a less interesting packaging scheme with metal boxes instead of cardboard, and trading cards instead of a book. If my notes can be trusted, it appears I liked the following (as denoted by a little arrow next to the track number) Flying Missiles (“Stoogesy”), !Andale! (“Karen O singer, simple pop punk meets Fuzzbox?”), Thunderfist (“Actual rock”), Union of the Snake (“Grind/death”), Lollipop Guild (“Goofy lo-fi”), Assault & Batteries (“Electro blues”), A. Vanvranken (“Nice noisy, sequenced ambient thud”) and AODL (“Noise, harsh”). Which makes eight out of forty-two. Looks like there’s probably some other passable stuff on here, but further notes include things like “Noise hop” and “Jazz/ prog, Nardwuar singer” and “Trippy intro, Rush wank” and not one but two Black Crowes comparisons. Anyway, I have a hard time getting the cards back in the tin properly and it taints my listening enjoyment.

 –doug (Eighteen Percent Gray)