VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dead Broke Rekerds Tape Comp Vol.4: Cassette

Jan 11, 2013

With some obvious exceptions, no one likes a comp. My favorite comps were put out by Sacramento’s Secret Center Records in the 1990s, usually on cassette. I don’t know to what degree the fact that this is on tape is what is reminding me so much of those classic Secret Center releases, but this collection of sloppy pop is filling me with joy. Besides Stoned At Heart, Gordon Gano’s Army, and God Equals Genocide, most of the bands included were new to me. If you’re looking to check out a slew of fun, fresh bands, it doesn’t get much better than this. I’m digging out Yahtzee Punks Fuck Off now to relive my cassette compilation past. Viva la tape comp!

 –Art Ettinger (Dead Broke)

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