VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dead Broke Rekerds: Four-Way Split #2: 7”

Nov 24, 2010

Underground Railroad To Candyland: I wouldn’t say URTC is the Fugazi to Toys That Kill’s Minor Threat. (And that’d make FYP the Teen Idles. My analogy goes all to shit there.) But I will say that I like both TTK and URTC equally for essentially different reasons. (Perhaps it’s fist pumping vs. hip shaking.) And that’s a fuckin’ puzzle because with only one member difference at the time of this writing (lord knows when this was recorded), URTC sound like a band that could sell a lot of records if records were selling (like in that scene in High Fidelity when they put on a record and everyone in the store asks who it is… I mute the movie there and play URTC). Killer Dreamer: Zombie stoners. Brains. Buds. Bowls. Scorching riffs laid at the altars of Nick Blinko, Roky Erikson, and Dario Argento. Smelly bandage San Pedro punkrock that will silk-screen anything if it stays still long enough. Tulsa: It’s sometimes amazing how long songs can be on 7” records. Tulsa’s song’s (from 2004? Am I reading that right? It sure looks like a four) has got a lot of parts duct taped together like a massive quilt made out of dirty blankets. Tent city punk rock. The Reaction: Lean back really far and laid back, like the Hot New Mexicans do, and it’s easy to go along for the ride. Four-way split 7”s don’t get more solid.

 –todd (Dead Broke,

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