VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dead Broke Records Four Way Split Vol. 5: 7”EP

Nov 20, 2012

A four way split featuring four Japanese punk bands: you had me at Japanese. I love Japanese punk! Their energy is always something to behold live and more often than not, the quality transpires over onto their recordings. GleamGarden lead off with some melodic punk that gives Tiltwheel a run for their money. Browntrout follow along in similar fashion but with a more free-flowing, cymbals-splashing-all-over-the-place sort of way. The Because and Your Pest Band both have a slightly more power pop, rock’n’roll edge to them, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. All songs are great. They could get any room rocking in no time at all, but what really does it for me is the quality which just screams, “demo quality is punk as fuck!” I also love how both of the final tracks on both sides of the vinyl spill over onto the runoff grooves. Four awesome bands on the best format for punk: Nippon wins again!

 –Juan Espinosa (Dead Broke)

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