VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dangerous Intersections VI: 7”

Jul 13, 2010

No High Fives: Probably the first pop punk band I’ve ever heard that plays in dropped d tuning. I’m guessing that if Havoc put out a Fifteen record, it would sound like this. Manix: Minneapolis pop punk in the proud tradition of Rivethead, Dear Landlord, etc. This is probably the best song of theirs I’ve heard to date. Humanoids: If Rivethead really played up their Screeching Weasel influence, they’d probably sound like this. Taxpayers: Kind of jazzy, they start off like a cross between the Influents and Grabass Charlestons, until they ramp it up towards the end. Kind of the odd b and out on here, but I dig it.

 –joe (Traffic Street)