VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dangerous Intersections V: 7”

Another addition to the Dangerous Intersections series. Letter V features Troublemake, The Legendary San Diego Chargers, Shang-A-Lang, and Andrew Jackson Jihad. I think my main complaint with 4-way 7”s in how brief they are. And the usual lack of continuity leaves me feeling like I’m at a party where no one knows each other. But a song is a song. And a 7” is still a 7”. Biggest and best surprise: Legendary San Diego Chargers. Mellowed down Replacements punk via dudes who know what the fuck they’re doing. Second best thing: I was really surprised when Chris Mason told me he has never heard the band Space Cookie. If you like Space Cookie, you’ll love this Shang-A-Lang song. Hell, if you like Shang-A-Lang and you’ve never heard Space Cookie: look ‘em up. Troublemake follows through with some pop punk that would probably make a much better impression if it was on an EP of their own. And I find Andrew Jackson Jihad to be completely unlistenable. A slow, folky, upstroke version of “You May Be Right” is completely intolerable.

 –Daryl Gussin (Traffic Street)