VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dangerous Intersections IV: 7″

When did pop punk get so damn wordy? This four band comp features a bunch of songs that ramble on and on, with one exception. Thank you, Straight A’s, for writing lyrics and not essays. Thank you for “Fuck you, you’re an idiot and I don’t even like you anymore.” No thank you to Like Bats for “I want you to feel that pain deep in your chest like something’s buried deep underneath your skin, and it’ll throb every now and again, reminding you of what could have been.” And that’s just one line. There are about 327 more of them where that came from. Actually, that’s not too bad. It’s just fucking exhausting. I prefer my pop punk to hit me fast and hard, to make me smile and then to get out of my way so can listen to a metal band sing about Vikings or some shit. Straight A’s: mission accomplished.

 –mp (Traffic Street)