VARIOUS ARTISTS: Dangerous Intersections: 7"

Oct 16, 2009

Not sure how much of this stuff is exclusive, but

Traffic Street’s put out a pretty solid winner here. The Closet Fairies come out swinging with their cover of “Skumpunk,” which sounds like a snot-nosed Fleshies covered “Sonic Reducer” in about ninety seconds or so, and The Dopamines come across as a more frayed and intelligent Copyrights. Weakest track is by Apocalypse Meow, where they wax poetic about how cool it would be to be a baby again, and Todd Congelliere—with more of a URTC flair than a Toys That Kill one—does an awesome, keyboard-heavy jam that somehow sounds forlorn and toe-tapping all at once. Three out of four ain’t bad at all, especially when I realized I just found a few new bands that I’ll be checking out in the future. Watch this label.  –keith (Traffic Street)