VARIOUS ARTISTS: Daddy Rockin’ Strong: LP

Jan 22, 2011

Subtitled “A Tribute to Nolan Strong and the Diablos,” this cover comp is pretty damn spectacular. Nolan Strong had a beautiful, high voice that epitomized ‘50s soulful sound, with great harmonies from the four-man Diablos, and solid backup band with tight rhythm pounding out the sonic sounds. In order to live up to that high standard, The Wind Records teams with dependable Norton Records to get a killer group of contemporaries: Mark Sultan, Dirtbombs, Dan Kroha, Reigning Sound, even Andre Williams playing with the A-Bones—you could not ask for more, but you get more bands—twelve hits. Kickass guitar, powerful throbbing songs galore, great singing from the heart, music from the soul. It’s a classy mix—bands that show the great rock and roll we’ve got to experience in the last two decades celebrating where the original power and soul of rock (and pop) all started from. This album is a party.

 –mike (Norton)