VARIOUS ARTISTS: Critical Pedagogy: CD

Sep 18, 2001

It’s gotta be getting harder for kids to rebel these days, especially if their teacher is in a punk band. The theme of this comp is teachers in punk bands. Teaching seems an obvious and logical extension of punk, considering it’s a more direct way to effect the world in a positive way, and work against the system. Each submission is accompanied by why a certain band member teaches, and their experiences in the education system. Overall, it’s pretty interesting. And now, the music, which I’ll critique using the grading system. Those bands getting A’s are Countdown to Putsch, Seein Red, Power Ball, and Sid Vishnu. Bands getting B’s are MDC (the vocals are totally different these days!), The Dread, John Holmes, and Hers Never Existed. Those who gets C’s are Abstain, and Cluster Bomb Unit. All others see me after class so we can arrange a parent/reviewer meeting.

 –Matt Average (Six Weeks)