VARIOUS ARTISTS: Columbusblood: LP

I had no idea this was a compilation at first, so I was pretty confused. Originally, I thought Columbusblood was a band that couldn’t chose one musical style. Once that was figured out, I realized that this is a comp featuring all the current bands playing rock and roll in Columbus, OH. There is something for everyone on here, from psychedelic, to punk rock, to rock’n’roll, to lo-fi garage. This record is great all the way through, but, for me, some of the standouts are—Mr. Tiger, who have a poppy but dirty rock vibe that reminds me of something that would go well on Swami Records. Psychic Wheels carry the dark, trashy, psychedelic torch a la the Cramps and Tav Falco. Drift Mouth round things off nicely with more of a Columbus, TX sound or a band from Joshua Tree playing desert music under the stars. This record, as a whole, is well worth checking out. It’s nice to see scenes coming together like this. It needs to happen more. Nice work, Columbus. 

 –Ryan Nichols (Break-Up!, [email protected])