VARIOUS ARTISTS: Cat Piss Studios Jukebox Year Book 2006: CD

Sep 25, 2007

A compilation of tunes recorded at Cat Piss Studios in Portland, Oregon, and my first thought is that the production sounds a little thin. This suits the mellower stuff, like Morgan Grace’s song, “Change,” and the indie rocker “Fuel,” which sounds like a cross between Slint and the Weakerthans, by Crack City Rockers. The punker the song, the less complimentary the production style. I do like the SliP iTS, “Frustrate Me” and Muddy River Nightmare Band’s “Go,” but there’s only one great song contained on this comp—Pure Country Gold’s “Setting Sun.” A nasty sounding bit of catchy garage rock that details a perverse, but heartwarming, sentiment. Probably worth picking up for this song alone.

 –benke (Last Chance)