VARIOUS ARTISTS: Captain Oi! Records 5-Track Sampler: CDEP

Mar 19, 2002

This is a short and turbulently sweet lil’ collection of newly recorded material by five larger-than-life bands who’ve managed to crawl outta the smoldering rubble of past punkrock glories and are still ruthlessly unleashing a mayhemic maelstrom of savage sonic chaos. Slaughter & The Dogs: high-voltage pub-rock riffage with big ballsy blasts of swagger, attitude, and intensity. Resistance 77: a primitive blind-rage blitzkrieg of Ramones-influenced instrumentation, snotty snarling vocals with lively terrace-chant backing choruses, and an insurgent tonnage of aggressively loud streetpunk furor (imagine Wire’s “Mr. Suit” crossed with the fastest, meanest tracks off the Ramones’ self-titled debut. Shit, man, it’s no small wonder that this is my very favorite cut on this here mind-warping mini-comp!). Menace: thickly accented Cockney-scruff vocals bolstered by chanting soccer mob hooliganism and loads of musical boot-stompin’ barbarism. Splodgenessabounds: a killer wall-crumblin’ roar of pure punkrock mayhem at its brattiest and most insolent (I absolutely adore the bitterly bickering vocal trade-off between the male and female leads!). The Gonads: as belligerent, uncontrolled, and unruly as ever (thuggish, brutal, and utterly extraordinary!). Damn, this chaos-charged comp is at least twenty songs too short, but it’s insanely impressive nonetheless. And I’ll be robustly blastin’ it ‘til the cows come home!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Captain Oi!)

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