VARIOUS ARTISTS: Calvinball / Rumspringer / Mayflower / The Dauntless Elite: 4-Way Split: 7”

Sep 23, 2011

Calvinball: Gruff punk rock that’s not breaking any new ground but has enough anthemic energy to keep things interesting. Rumspringer: This is really weird, because I recorded a different version of this song for the band several months ago and I’ve heard that other version a million times before—so it’s hard to listen to this without getting caught up on how those subtle (and not so subtle) imperfections are no longer present. But that’s clearly just me because next to no one reading this has ever or will ever hear that version. Rumspringer is one of the best DIY rock bands around (don’t call them a “punk” band). They’ve written some of the best songs of the last several years and this one is right up there. Mayflower: Pretty much the same as Calvinball. I’ve heard this song a million times before by thousands of other bands, but somehow I’m not sick of it yet. The Dauntless Elite: Fuck yeah! How can you not love this band? Bouncy and catchy punk rock with a cockney accent. I have no clue what half of the words in this song even mean, but that won’t keep me from trying to sing along.

 –Chris Mason (Not Shy Of DIY,

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