VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bullsheep Detector: 2 x CD

A collection of assorted demos, singles/EP tracks, and comp tracks circa 1980-1984 from Welsh bands Abnormal, Armistice, Classified Protest, Condemned, Corruption, Death Patrol, Impact, No Label, Pseudo Sadists, Reality Attack, Secluded, and Skull Attack. Like Crass’s similarly named Bullshit Detector comps, sound quality and musical competency varies from one band to the next, but things are never wholly unlistenable (though I imagine ears not attuned to decades of rough punk listening made by any means necessary may beg to differ) and offers an all-too-rare opportunity to sample some of the really underground stuff that bubbled up in the wake of Crass, Conflict, Subhumans and many others.

 –jimmy (Antisociety, [email protected])