VARIOUS ARTISTS: Buddyhead Suicide: CD

Aug 13, 2009

While the songs on this comp range from the merely rocking to the outright awesome (see: Your Enemies Friends, Dillinger Escape Plan and Radio Vago), the primary reason to get this comp is the wide variety of piss-yourself-laughing funny prank calls to many people—some of whom might have even deserved it. Some of them, as is the case with every prank, miss (the Burning Brides call seemed more like filler). Most of them… suffice it to say that the thirteen minutes of hell that a caller posing as the Sex Pistols’ manager put The Explosion’s manager through is almost worth the entire price of admission alone. And the prank call to Tenacious D’s management firm about ice cream is worth the price. And then some. Come on—pony up with an album of the calls already.

 –scott (Buddyhead)

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