VARIOUS ARTISTS: Brits Abroad: 7"

Mar 15, 2010

Brits Abroad is a four-band, four-song comp released to introduce stateside listeners to a handful of U.K. bands playing The Fest 8 in Gainesville. The Arteries, OK Pilot, Brothers, and Bangers each deliver a mainline melodic punk track with modest, unimposing production. There’s nothing especially British about any of the bands, with nary an accent offered. The most notable of the four is OK Pilot, who self-describe as post-punk, but the only thing “post” about them is that they possibly enjoy Post cereal. They’re a very contemporary emocore band with cool twists and rhythms. I bet these bands were an even bigger blast at The Fest, but this comp isn’t a bad place to check ‘em out, either.  –Art Ettinger (Specialist Subject,